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Folligen Shampoo (500ml + 300ml)

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Folligen Shampoo 500ml x 1

Folligen Shampoo 300ml x 1

Additional information
Product Information
  1. Folligen – Specializing in strengthening the hair roots and growing hair.
  2. Biotin – Water-soluble vitamin that is essential for human growth and maintaining health. Effective to prevention of hair loss by supplying nutrition to scalp.
  3. Niacinamide PP – Effective for inflammatory scalp trouble with superior bisabolol.
  4. Dexpanthenol – Balancing pH of scalp and hair with low-irritating substances 
Protecting scalp and regenerating skin.
  5. Pyrithione Zinc Solution – Suppressing the propagation of germs and preventing scalp trouble by controlling excessive secretion from sebaceous glands.
Product Features
Daily shampoo for preventing hair loss that has rich and creamy texture and comfortable fragrance of Moringa loved by everyone
Product Usage
Hair and scalp
Product Ingredient
Biotin, Niacinamide, Dex panthenol, Zinc pyrithione
*Suitable for all skin type


500ml, 300ml